Updated 8:00 a.m. CT, May 22, 2020

WRA Best Practice Document for In-person Open Houses

The WRA legal team has fielded several questions relating to in-person open houses. Please note the WRA continues to recommend sellers and their agents avoid having in-person open houses. The WRA encourages agents to show properties virtually to buyers or offer individual showings to interested buyers. 

However, if sellers, real estate firms and agents are willing to have in-person open houses after checking for any applicable government restrictions or orders, the WRA created a document outlining best practices for hosting in-person open houses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

View the best practice document by clicking the button below. Note that the information in the document may change due to the ever-evolving circumstances during the pandemic. 

Download the Document

Updated 8:00 a.m. CT, May 1, 2020

WRA Property Showing Guidelines Document

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as federal and state surgeons general, individuals should practice social distancing and reduce risk from exposure to or contraction of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Here are some of the ways REALTORS® can reduce risk.

The WRA legal team created a property showing guidelines document that outlines health and safety recommendations to follow while conducting property showings during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Download the Document

Updated 2:00 p.m. CT, April 27, 2020

WRA FAQ Document on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

The April 23 Legal Update Live webcast, titled "Unemployment for REALTORS® Under the CARES Act," featured Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Caleb Frostman, who reviewed how REALTORS® can qualify for unemployment under the new federal CARES Act. Questions asked during the presentation have been answered by the WRA legal team based on Secretary Frostman’s presentation and are available in this downloadable FAQ document. 

Download the Document

Updated 4:00 p.m. CT, April 14, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Commercial Addendum (WRA-CVCA)

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19): Commercial Addendum has been designed with commercial practitioners in mind. This new addendum offers a different, more open-ended approach to extensions, delays and terminations resulting from the coronavirus. Using checkbox items, the Commercial Addendum may be used to extend dates and deadlines with a notice explaining the coronavirus cause, a limit may be placed on the length of any extension, and the transaction may be terminated if a party becomes unable to perform due to the coronavirus. The Addendum can be used when writing an offer or for amendment (attached and incorporated into the WB-40 Amendment at line 28). 

Download Commercial Addendum (WRA-CVCA)

Updated 1:45 p.m. CT, April 9, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Showings and Inspections Safety Commitment (Form CVSI)

This Safety Commitment makes everyone aware of the recommended safety precautions and makes clear real estate licensees are not liable for damages relating to showings or inspections conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Safety Commitment can be used in counterparts -- one copy might be signed by just one person while another copy may be signed by multiple people. It might just be signed by a seller and listing agent. The idea is to be flexible, use the Safety Commitment to set expectations and secure commitments to observe safety guidelines and notify other others to provide notification if a person is afflicted with COVID-19.

Download WRA-CVSI 

Updated 3:17 p.m. CT, April 3, 2020

Revised Addendum CV – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provisions

“Addendum CV - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provisions” has been revised. It addresses potential delays that might arise due to an office of a government agency or service provider closing or if a person involved in a transaction is quarantined or isolated due to COVID-19. The revised version has separate check-box provisions with definitions and clearer language. The Addendum can be used when writing an offer or for amendment (attached and incorporated into the WB-40 Amendment at line 28).

Due to the ever-evolving concerns and discussions surrounding the virus, this form may be frequently changed. We will keep you informed as to any modifications and explanations accordingly. The WRA legal team will continue to work to help provide you and your consumers guidance during these unprecedented times. 

Download Addendum CV

Updated 3:00 p.m. CT, April 2, 2020

WRA Notice Regarding Title Commitment Trend Related to the Coronavirus

The WRA would like to make you aware of a national title insurance trend of including certain language in title commitments regarding the coronavirus. While we have not heard of this language frequently popping up in Wisconsin title commitments, we wanted to make you aware in case the buyer is presented a title commitment with the following or similar language.

Download the Information Document

Updated 5:00 p.m. CT, March 27, 2020

WRA Updated FAQ Document Regarding "Safer at Home" Executive Order

The WRA legal team created a list of frequently asked questions relating to Gov. Evers’ Emergency Order #12 "Safer at Home" Order. While the original document was created on March 25, the document is frequently updated with additional FAQs and information. This document was last updated on March 27; download the newest document at the button below.

Download the Document

Updated 1:01 p.m. CT, March 19, 2020

Coronavirus: Legal Q&As

The WRA Legal Hotline has received several inquiries on conducting real estate business during the coronavirus quarantine period. Get answers to common questions on agency cooperation duties and showings, including writing an offer when a buyer has seen property but agent refused, and open houses and showings in vacant home. [Full story]

Updated 7:00 p.m. CT, March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Impact: Real Estate Transactions and Practices

The coronavirus is creating new and unprecedented issues in real estate transactions. The WRA’s legal team is here to assist during these challenging times. This video addresses concerns with current listings, contract drafting, remote notaries and resources for additional information.

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