Find out how to you can positively affect real estate-related issues in Wisconsin through the WRA's Direct Giver program or RPAC.

Political Advocacy

Direct Giver

The WRA Direct Giver program, also known as the conduit program as referred to under state law, provides an alternative to an RPAC investment for members who:

  1. Wish to retain full control and direction over who will receive their political contributions.
  2. Wish to give personal contributions to candidates for local and state elections and at the same time benefit organized real estate and the WRA.
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RPAC stands for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal means by which interested individuals with common goals, like a trade association, ban together for the purposes of political action.

The best way to positively impact issues such as property taxes, health care and protecting the rights of property owners is through RPAC, a real estate professional's vehicle for political action. 

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